Do you do things in an orthodox fashion?

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You might ask – What does “orthodox” mean?

It is a cognate of two greek words – “orthos” which means “straight” and “doxa” which mean “teaching” or “opinion”.

An orthodontist is a tooth-straightener.

An orthopedic doctor is a child-straightener. He makes sure that a child’s skeleton is straight.

Metaphorically, this word “orthos” (straight) means “true”. A straight shooter is someone who speaks truthfully to you.

Our church denomination is the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

Our denomination was established in 1936 to bring the Presbyterian Church in the USA back to orthodoxy or “right teaching” or “true teaching and preaching” of God’s Holy Word.

In this era of relativistic thinking, absolute truth (orthodoxy) is abandoned.

Since God is absolutely true, His declaration of Himself to man is absolutely true as well.

Do you desire to worship in a church which has “true teaching and preaching” ?

Worship with us at Westminster Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Bartlesville.


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